Micropigmentation, Semipermanent make-up


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    micropigmentatiónóMicropigmentation or Semi permanent make up helps us to feel ourselves more beautiful, not worrying of daily make-up, and also for people with vision problems that makes so difficult their make-up task. With Micropigmentation or Semi permanent make up we wear make-up for a long time, saving time and being always beautiful !. We offer to Beauty Therapists Micropigmentation machines according to their needs. As per Spain’s Health Government and Pharmacy Department regulations , all accessories from Micropigmentation machines, have to be disposable, for single use only, and they have to be individually packed, sterilized from factory with Gamma Rays.

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    Adaptándonos a la nueva Normativa Sanitaria presentamos la gama de alta calidad de nuestros pigmentos en tubos esterilizados de 3 ml.
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